Use of a Drew-sponsored Domain is governed by the following policy.

Domains are provided for the use of faculty, students, and staff for academic, professional, or personal purposes. The privilege of use is not transferable to another member of the Drew community, to an outside individual, or to an outside organization. Misuse of computer facilities or Domains is considered a serious judicial offense at Drew and carries sanctions for anyone found in violation of the University’s policy.

Your use of a Drew-sponsored Domain connects you to the world via the Internet, and therefore reflects on you and on the institution.

Please read this agreement carefully and take the responsibilities outlined below seriously.

  1. The University provides your Domain exclusively to you as a member of the Drew community. It is not transferable to other members of the Drew community or to people outside of Drew. Upon graduation or employment termination, Drew’s support for your Domain will come to an end, though you may continue the Domain with your own funds.
  2. Protect your Domain password or other credentials at all times and do not share them with others. You will be held responsible for all activities which occur with your Domain.
  3. Users of Domains must comply with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances including U.S. copyright law.
  4. Users of Domains must comply with applicable university policies, including that on human rights.
  5. Malicious use of your Domain is strictly forbidden by University computer usage policies. This includes but is not limited to: sending harassing or threatening messages; attempting to forge messages, crack passwords, intercept data or circumvent server security; sending bulk unsolicited email; or sending data intended to disrupt services.